The Minor Pentatonic Scale is probably the most popular choice of scale when it comes to guitar improvisation, and for a good reason – It has a great sound, it can be used to great effect over virtually every musical genre and it is very flexible over what you play it over. In fact, 90% of the classic rock solos you already know so well are based on the Minor Pentatonic Scale. Oh yeah, and you don’t really need to learn a whole bunch of theory before you can make it work! If you don’t already know it, you definitely need to learn it.

That is where my guitar tutorial THE LACHLAN HORNE MINOR PENTATONIC MASTERCLASS comes in. With this video tutorial you can not only learn it – but master it!

THE LACHLAN HORNE MINOR PENTATONIC MASTERCLASS will show you the ideas that I use to take my solos to the next level and stop you playing the same old licks! With me you will learn how to master techniques such as:

  • String skipping

  • Advanced hammer on and pull off techniques

  • Scale shape extension

  • Sweep picking

  • Right hand tapping

  • How to use arpeggios within the Minor Pentatonic scale

  • Legato

… as well as many more ideas that you won’t find on youtube – I know because I’ve checked.

Even experienced guitar players know how to make good use of this scale but all too often I have noticed that many guitar players eventually hit a brick wall when it comes to thinking of new ideas and end up feeling like they are just playing the same licks over and over again. But that is because they haven’t yet realized the great potential that the Minor Pentatonic Scale has still to offer.

But enough talk. Let’s get on with the lessons …

The first four lessons are COMPLETELY FREE so go ahead and click on the first video to get started.

Lesson 1

How to perfect the techniques of hammering on and pulling off. Getting this technique right is important if you want to use it to its best. Pay attention to this one because it serves as a valuable foundation to many of the other lessons in this tutorial.


Lesson 2

String Skipping. Now if you’ve got those hammering on and pulling off techniques down it’s time to apply them to an impressive sounding string skipping idea.


Lesson 3

Extending the standard Minor Pentatonic scale shape so that you can play it faster – and bigger!


Lesson 4

Applying the string skipping technique to the bigger Minor Pentatonic scale shape.


Well done for making it this far! But after this is where the REAL action starts. There are EIGHT MORE lessons for you to get your guitar playing teeth into. But first you will need to unlock the access to them.

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Thanks for watching. I looking forward to sharing the rest of the LACHLAN HORNE MINOR PENTATONIC MASTERCLASS with YOU! See you in there.

-Lachlan Horne