(For the next 3 days only)

Yes, for the next three days I’m giving away a FREE download of my album The Horne Supremacy to everyone who buys a download of my most recent album Rock n Roll Ltd.

But this deal gets even sweeter …

That’s right - All the positive feedback I’ve been getting recently has made me feel REALLY generous so I figure I may as well let you get hold of the whole deal for ONLY $8.00 rather than the normal $9.99 that CDBaby and iTunes will charge you for just for ONE album.

Boom! - two albums for the price of one - AND you get to save yourself a couple of dollars as well!

But to take advantage of this very special offer you need to remember two important things ...

1. This offer is only available to those already on the Lachlan Horne email list (that’s you!)

2. This offer is only available for the next 3 days - After that it will be gone.

So don’t let this offer get away. The clock has already started ticking. Click on the link below and I’ll get you straight to your two albums before this offer expires.

Thank you all for all your support.

Lachlan Horne