Yes, for the next three days I'm letting a select few people (which includes you) the opportunity to download ALL my albums (plus a whole lot more!) by becoming a member of THE LACHLAN HORNE INNER CIRCLE for only $1.00 per month - Normally $3.00 per month - That's a whopping discount of more than 60%!

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"What is THE LACHLAN HORNE INNER CIRCLE?" I hear you ask.

Well, you could describe it as the  inner sanctum of Lachlan Horne followers who in exchange for a monthly membership fee receive WAY more than just an album or two of my music. When you are a member of the Inner Circle you get ...

- Unlimited access to download ALL THREE of my albums (my entire collection so far!) whenever you want.

​- Unlimited access to download ALL of my future albums and one off song releases.

- Unlimited access to music videos and behind the scenes videos.

- Unlimited access to downloads of the songs that never made it onto my albums.

- Unlimited and exclusive access to Guitar Lesson Videos showing all my guitar playing secrets and techniques.

- Plus regular updates and additions on all of the above and cool future ideas that I haven't even thought of yet!

But there's another reason why you should take up this special offer ...

By joining me in the Inner Circle you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a true supporter of REAL music and knowing that you will be supporting a musician that is genuinly passionate about the music he produces. You will be more than just a fan. You will be a patron of my music and you will be one of my most valued supporters. As such, you will not be just a 'fan' but more a 'professional companion.' I will consider it a privilege to share my musical journey with you.

The music business has changed significantly over the last few years and real music fans now have a choice - support REAL musicians by patronising their work - or, face a future of increasingly commercialised music driven by exploitative record labels who have no interest in music as an art form and no sense of loyalty to the fans of the artists they represent.

Normally this has a subscription fee of $3.00 per month but as a reward for for your support I want to offer you the opportunity to become a member for ONLY $1.00 per month - and that is as long as you want it! i.e. NO increase in membership fee for as long as you are a member.

This is an exclusive offer only available to those that are on my mailing list - AND THAT MEANS YOU!

Is there a catch? Well, yes just the one I've already mentioned …

This deal is only valid for the next 72 hours!

I can't keep this page permanently active for the general public to stumble upon so the offer can only be open for a very limited period at a time. It's a one time deal only. If you miss your slot it will be gone I'm afraid. And the clock has already started ticking ...

To get yourself registered just click on the button below and I'll get you straight to the members area where you can download the albums .... and a whole lot more!

I really hope you decide to join us in the LACHLAN HORNE INNER CIRCLE but whatever you decide I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate your support. Without you I just couldn't make music and that really does mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

Lachlan Horne